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Ethiopian Mission

MesereteKristosChrist Community Church has partnered with Meserete Kristos (“Christ the Foundation”) Church in Ginche, Ethiopia since 2005. Mennonite missionaries founded Meserete Kristos Church in the 1950s. It was persecuted heavily – and experienced rapid growth – during the communist “Derg” (1974-91). Ethiopia is mainly Orthodox with intense Muslim inroads.

Ginche is an agricultural town about two hours west of Addis Ababa where household income is about a dollar a day. Meserete Kristos Church/Ginche has a unique profile: the congregation is 75% children! Meserete Kristos has regular evangelistic outreach to rural areas and reports new birth and growing membership. Christ Community Church donations initially supported pastor-evangelists and recently the partial construction of a permanent, larger building, both because it was needed and because without it, they faced eviction from their strategic property. Recently, the church has been challenged by the loss of its pastor and subsequent loss of 20% of its children (250 -> 200).

Prayer Requests
  • Search for new evangelist/pastor. (@~40/month)
  • Search for more leaders, especially “child ministers”. (@~50/month)
  • Continued church growth and new birth.
  • New sanctuary completed enough to be usable.
  • Children’s school uniforms (@11 each) without which school attendance is not possible.