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Dinner 8 Groups


Dinner 8 groups gather people together for the purpose of casual Christian fellowship over a meal. Groups meet in homes, choosing a convenient date and location to meet each month. Dinner 8 is a great way to get to know people you don’t know or “sorta” know. Most groups rotate homes and meet three times, but that’s flexible according to group desires.

Here is how it works: Individuals will be divided into groups of 8, keeping couples together and adding singles. An assigned leader from each group will contact others to coordinate the first dinner. The leader will host the first dinner, make the main dish and assign other items of the meal to attendees. The next month’s dinner is planned at the first dinner. You only host if you’d like to; otherwise you can plan to do the coordinating, make the main dish and have it at another person’s home. These details are worked out as a group at the first dinner.



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